St. George's Fair Raffle Frequently Asked Questions


How will I purchase tickets?

Tickets are purchased via a link that is provided by email to each member of the St. George’s community.  To purchase tickets, simply click on the link you receive, which will go to a secure website where you enter your purchase and billing information.  Once processed, the ticket(s) will arrive via your email.


How can I help sell tickets?


The link you are provided can also be disseminated to your own community of friends and family using many available options such as email, text messaging/SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other electronic means.  Simply copy and paste the link into the electronic messaging of your choice and send it off.

The recipient of the link will simply click it and be taken to the secure website whereby they can purchase tickets by entering their purchase and billing information. Once processed, the ticket(s) will arrive via your email.

How will I receive my “unique link”?

The customized links will be sent out to all families via email from the school.


How do I share my link?

Just copy and paste the link you receive from the school via email and send out as you wish via email, text messaging/SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other electronic means.  Any recipient who clicks the link can then purchase a ticket.  If you are a current parent of a child enrolled in the school, make sure you share only your own links so that purchases are credited to your selling efforts.

Will I still have/get paper-tickets?

The system is set up as a paperless system.  No paper tickets will be distributed however an email will be generated and sent to purchasers with the purchase information and the tickets as an attachment.

What if I lose my link?


You may simply email to get your link resent to you.  Please include if you are a current parent, Georgian, parent of Georgian or staff.  In the case of a current parent, please include the student numbers of your currently enrolled children when communicating so that your customized link is sent out properly.

How is payment received?  No Cash?

Payment for tickets will only be accepted electronically using a credit card.  No cash will be accepted.

I do not want to give out my credit card information or I do not have a credit card. Can I send a cheque to the school or can you debit my son’s account?


No, the system will only accept credit cards for tickets purchases.  If you know someone who has a credit card, they can purchase the tickets on your behalf and charge their own card.  You can simply pay them back however you wish.


Will the personal information I provide for the online raffle be distributed to a third party?


No, the system provider, Darelle Media Inc., is under a contractual obligation to keep your information private and it cannot be distributed whatsoever.  The only group that has access to your information (other than your credit cards) is the St. George’s Parents Association.


How secure is the site? Please tell me more about the company behind the online raffle.


The system is provided by Darelle Media Inc. (“Darelle) and has been licensed and approved for these transactions by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC).  Darelle has managed dozens of raffles and lotteries every year and thousands of transactions for each raflle/lottery it manages for its customers.  Darelle is currently the leader in British Columbia for online lottery software and management provision and is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange – Venture Exchange.


Also, please note that the website Darelle provisions for our raffle is secure and uses SSL, a global standard for electronic security technology issued by GeoTrust (a leading authority).  To learn more about this technology and certificate, please go to


How will the Raffle be marketed and publicized?

Via the St. George’s enews, website and other electronic lists at our disposal.  Anyone who receives a link electronically is encouraged to also market to their network of people.

How are the tickets that I/we sell, tracked?

Each family will be assigned a unique web-based link to track their own purchases and the purchases of those who they market to.  The raffle convenors will be able to run reports at their convenience to see which links are getting the most traction and attracting the most sales.

Will there still be public venues/events, where tickets will be sold to the public?

Yes, there will be two to three public venues available for selling tickets; however there will not be paper tickets.  Tickets will be sold via tablets such as iPads and laptops.

How has/will the previous “opt-in” option to purchase $100 of tickets, change?

The opt-in is no longer relevant and parents that have opted in will no longer be charged for tickets automatically. Families are encouraged to honour the raffle tradition and their previous commitment by purchasing $100 per child enrolled at the school.

Can I/we share our link and sell tickets to anyone/anywhere?

The system is designed to sell tickets to people who are, at the time of purchase, physically located in the province of BC and of 19 years of age. They do not have to reside in BC, nor do they have to be a resident of BC to purchase tickets or win the raffle, but they do have to be present in BC when purchasing. You may also purchase tickets on behalf of someone who is not physically in BC and put the tickets in their name. 


Can I buy tickets for friends or family?


Yes, the system is set up to allow you to purchase tickets for friends or family by registering the tickets in their name and paying for the tickets using your own credit card.

What are the ticket prices this year?


1 for $10
10 for $90
50 for $400
100 for $700


What are all of the prizes being offered this year?


Grand Prize:         2018 White Mazda MX-5 RF GT - $49,834.05

2nd Prize:               All Inclusive 4-5 Days Langara Fishing Lodge - $11,000.00

3rd Prize:                 Chanel Classic Handbag - $3,500.00

4th Prize:                 Hermes Jardin De La Rouge Silk Wrap - $1,200.00

5th Prize:                 Lowe Ladies Wallet - $928.00



When and where will the Grand Prize Draw be done? How will I be notified if I win?

The Grand Prize Draw will occur at 3:45pm on May 5, 2018.  The winners will be notified via email on how to collect their prizes.

How can I/we get more involved with the raffle?

Primarily, when you receive the email from the school, read it and follow the instructions for purchasing and selling tickets.  By selling tickets, you are doing the most you can to help the raffle, and the school, be successful.

Furthermore, when venues are announced, please consider signing up as a volunteer, along with your son, to sell tickets.



Jim Hughes 


Chances are 1 in 27750 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize. BC Gaming Event License #113255
Know your limit, play within it
Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111
19+ to play